Board Studios is NOT just a video production company or yet another agency. We're NOT a team of creatives going after industry awards and producing "art".

We "hack" video for maximum impact and cost effectiveness. We're constantly coming up with new video "solutions" with the singular goal of getting your message heard. We believe video is THE way to explain, inspire and grow; Since you are here you probably believe it too.


You spend a lot of money bringing potential customers to your website but conversion is low... When you have multiple products and multiple audiences, you can't target them effectively with a single video.

Our interactive video solutions create a personalized video experience for each customer, improving conversion, and lower acquisition cost.

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It costs up to 10x more to get a new customer than retain an old one. Our loyalty video solutions focus on keeping you top of mind, establishing thought leadership, and building trust.

We'll help you develop regular, value-adding informational and educational video content that showcases your authentic and innovative brand. And we'll help you track engagement in order to flag at-risk accounts.

It's all about how video builds and maintains authentic, trusted client relationships.

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You constantly improve and add to your offerings. Sometimes customers don't know how to get the most out of them. You need regular, engaging, and convincing open lines of communication with them.

We'll produce, distribute, and track how-to webinars, testimonials, video newsletters, and video-focused email campaigns.

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Is your salesforce performing like a finely-tuned musical instrument? Is your team marching towards your clearly articulated vision? Not so much?

Let's deliver a consistent message and strategy internally and externally, communicate key initiatives get everyone on the same page, capture your corporate knowledge base, and produce custom training modules.

Equip your team with our internal-video toolkit.

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Our clients & our videos

Fast turn around needed urgently 2 videos for their CES 2015 booth. They came to us because we're their "Delta Force for video" - we get the job done on-time, on-budget, and on-point.


Stand out with video

ValidSoft was presenting at the Money2020 conference and turned to the show's organizers for suggestions: "who can produce an awesome video and make us stand out?"

The great folks at Money2020 have recommended us to past clients before and didn’t hesitate this time either.

Delight key clients with video

Menasha was looking for an innovative way to engage clients with its B2B offerings. Drowning in a sea of emailed pitch decks, it's not surprising that clients rarely even open them… how to stand out and win large contracts?


  • Of the three videos in the program, the Board Studios one was the best received! GREAT job. In my opinion, this was the toughest one too. Your team did a phenomenal job in bringing everything together in a coherent and fun way.


  • Among the many things that stand out when working with Board Studios is your team’s responsiveness, flexibility, attention to detail and accuracy (minimal rework compared with others that we work with). You are also willing to bend if not break to meet tight deadlines!

  • Love the branding video! Everything looks awesome. Great job (as always)!

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